The Topps Confectionery division of The Topps Company, Inc., New York, has been renamed Bazooka Candy Brands. As such, Bazooka Candy Brands will be the parent company that sells all Topps Confectionary lines, includingBazooka gum,Ring Pop,Push Pop,Baby Bottle Pop,Juicy Drop PopandWazoo.

Bazooka Gum was launched in 1914 and soon became a familiar part of Americana with its distinctive name, taste, and red, white and blue logo. According to Topps,Bazooka still enjoys 97% brand awareness among adults and 89% among children. The company plans to strengthen the brand even further by bringing brand icon “Bazooka Joe” to life in a variety of mediums and promotional activities.

“We’re very excited about this initiative,” says Topps CEO Scott Silverstein. “We chose Bazooka Candy Brands not only for its iconic stature, but because it is also representative of the broader, multifaceted children’s entertainment company we have envisioned and are moving towards.”

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