An Archer Daniels Midland Co (ADM) facility in Europe caught fire after a blast occurred inside one of the buildings 

“At approximately 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday Jan, 19 there was an explosion in one of the production lines of our cocoa processing facility in Wormer, Netherlands, followed by a brief fire,” says Sara Vermeulen, director of European marketing and communications for ADM. 

 According to Vermeulen, employees immediately evacuated the site and called the Wormer Fire Brigade, who proceeded to extinguish the fire.  

We now have access to the site,” says Vermeulen. “There were no injuries, and the warehouse is unaffected.” 

The fire was extinguished after a couple of hours, and the agricultural processor still is assessing the damage, ADM spokeswoman, Elissa Igelheart, told Reuters 

“ADM is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, our environment and our communities,” says Vermeulen. “The company would like to thank the Wormer Fire Brigade for their rapid response and expert handling of the situation.” 

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