The Ladco Group, which consists of MacIntyre Chocolate Systems, Petzholdt Heidenauer and Beetz Mixing Technologies, services customers involved in all elements of cocoa bean processing and chocolate production, providing a complete bean-to-bar solution.

Cocoa bean processing equipment is available from MacIntyre Chocolate Systems in Scotland for outputs of 50kg and 250kg per hour.  Systems for large-scale outputs starting at 500kg per hour are available from Petzholdt Heidenauer in Dresden, Germany.  In addition to offering roasters, winnowers, milling equipment, alkalizing and sterilizing systems, cocoa presses and powdering lines, the group is now pleased to offer the market its range of cocoa butter deoderizing equipment. 

In addition to cocoa liquor/butter/powder processing equipment, a wide range of refining and conching equipment is available from the group.  Petzholdt can offer traditional five-roll refining and conching systems as well as all related equipment for large-scale production. 

For smaller capacities, MacIntyre can offer its versatile universal chocolate refiner/conch available from 20-kg batch capacity up to 10,000-kg batch capacity, using the highest quality steels and geared motor drives, capable of continuous production on a daily basis. Its shear attachment is a useful feature for low-fat masses, improving the refining and conching of chocolate and reducing the cycle time.

After chocolate production, MacIntyre can offer chocolate pumps, pipework, storage tanks and tempering machines.  It produces a wide range of processing equipment such as one-shot moulding lines, capable of producing cream-filled products, solid products and products with inclusions. They can also offer biscuit moulding / wafer biscuit moulding and shell moulding lines. Lentil roller moulding lines, chocolate nut cluster lines, chocolate drop and chip lines, enrobers, vermicelli lines, chocolate and sugar panning systems as well as many other pieces of confectionery processing equipment are also available.

The third group member, Beetz Mixing Technology offers single-shaft and twin-shaft mixers for various mixing applications, waste recycling, etc.  With the introduction of vacuum, the machines can be used for the production of milk crumb and various cocoa processing applications, to name a few, for wet and dry applications.



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