While a Snicker’s bar may never receive the coveted label of “healthy,” soon it’ll at least be guaranteed to have less than 250 calories.

Mars, the maker of Snicker’s - currently 280 calories per 2.07-oz serving - has committed selling only chocolate products with less than 250 calories per serving by the end of 2013. The move is part of a wider program aimed at improving health and nutrition for Mars customers.

However, that doesn’t mean the company will no longer sell candy in what is traditionally known as the “king size” format. Rather, Mars is selling them by other names.

“For former larger bars, we now have multi-piece formats to enable sharing or saving a piece for later, and label them with ‘2toGo’, ‘4toGo’ and ‘Tear ‘n Share,’” the company explains. “These formats generally represent more than a single portion and are labeled as such.”

While Mars declined to comment further on the 2013 initiative, which is still in development, the company website highlights other programs, such as a push to reduce sodium content in Mars food products and continued efforts to include larger and easier to understand nutritional labeling.

Since 2007, the company also has not purchased advertising time or space if more than a quarter of the audience is likely to be 12 years old or younger, and will not advertise on websites aimed at those under 12.

Mars is a global food manufacturer that generated $30 million in sales last year. Aside from Snicker’s, the company also makes 3 Musketeers, Dove chocolate, Twix, and M&M’s, among others.

For more information about Mars, visit www.mars.com.

- M.K.