Storck, makers of Bendicks mint chocolates, has confirmed that it will move Bendicks chocolate factory production to Germany from Hamsphire, UK, BBC News reports.
The company blamed the decision on a decline in the market. The change will result in a loss of 84 jobs in Hampshire. Thomas Huber, managing director of Storck, told the BBC that the move was a “difficult decision.”
“Despite our best efforts to relaunch the Bendicks brand and diversity into new flavors and categories, we have not been able to drive the critical mass to support and independent manufacturing plant for Bendicks products only in the UK,” he explained to BBC.
Founded in 1930, Bendicks was the brainchild of Oscar Benson and Colonel ‘Bertie’ Dickson who acquired a small confectionery business at 164 Church Street, in Kensington, London. The company was named by combining the first syllables of each of their names.
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