GNT, manufacturer of Exberry Coloring Foods, has announced an initial investment of $30 million to expand its operations in North America. 

Centrally located in Gaston County, just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, the 49-acre facility will provide significant advantages for its customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

“As the global leader of coloring food, we see consistent demand for our colors as the consumption of products that are formulated with Exberry continues to grow,” said Hendrik Hoeck, CEO of GNT Group B.V. “Part of our strategic growth plan is a multiple phase expansion in North America. I am happy to announce the completion of the initial phase with our warehouse commissioning on Oct. 15, 2021. This will bring increased capacity, supply-chain efficiency and improved control of inventory.”

Throughout its 45-year history, GNT’s goal is to continuously invest in innovation, and this new facility will deliver on this fundamental objective. 

“Our globally aligned innovation focus fields are a big part of our investment strategy to offer new coloring food solutions,” Hoeck says. “The expected completion of the next phase will bring finished good production even closer to our North American customers by the end of 2022. This will increase the speed of bringing innovation to market,” says Hendrik Hoeck.

A Technical and Culinary Experience Center, scheduled to open August 2022, will provide visitors and culinary teams with an unprecedented opportunity to experiment, create, and innovate together.