CM-OPM and CM-FIMA will exhibit equipment ranging from chocolate processing to primary and secondary packaging, showing their superior capability to supply customized turnkey solutions.

With regards to chocolate preparation,  CM-OPM will unveil the BETA X, which belongs to the new series of tempering machines.

A new design, new materials and an optimized closed loop water circulation assure a lower energy consumption. In addition, the temperature is controlled directly on the chocolate during all the tempering steps.

The user friendly touch-screen operator panel is equipped with an Ethernet card for data exchange and quick external connections.

An integrated chocolate pre-treatment is available in order to ensure that all the mass feeds the machine at the same controlled temperature.

There is no central chocolate passage, as the mass is always conveyed laterally when going from one tempering plate to the next. The wide chocolate passages, which guide the chocolate from one plate to the next, are designed to reduce both pressure drops and stress on mechanical parts, thus allowing to temper highly viscous masses.

The triple-blade stirrers and scraping elements are designed to cover all the heat exchange surfaces and ensure a strong mixing effect, an essential condition for a correct distribution of stable butter crystals inside the mass. They also create a real turbulence effect by means of high mixing speeds.

Each tempering section is provided with its own autonomous water circulation pump, to optimize heat exchange inside the machine.

The BETA X temperer assures a final product with glossy surfaces, a good snap with very fine structure and a maximum contraction during solidification.

CM-Fima, our wrapping specialist, will be exhibiting the V-pack2 CB4 RF, a wrapping machine for bars wrapped in the Neapolitan style that is a supplied long-side leading, with or without hot glue sealing and paper strip.

The CM-OPM Flow-wrapping division will present the new generation of PERFORMANCE flow-wrapping machines designed for easy integration on automatic lines. This flow-wrapping machine is completely servo-driven and it has been engineered to improve the cost/performance ratio.

The flow-wrapper will be fed by a special robotic loading system consisting of two 4-axis delta robots for random product pick up. A vision system correctly locates the products and guarantees the right orientation and pick up strategy, guaranteeing the saturation of the in-feed chain of the flow-pack.



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