Mars Wrigley is partnering with Switzerland-based Selecta, a company known for its smart vending machines. 

The companies plan to introduce new generation of intelligent vending machines with user-friendly touch screens and detailed product information, as well as smart and modern payment processing. 

The new vending machines will feature 48-inch touchscreens to display products dynamically and interactively with consumers. Consumers can access detailed product and nutritional information on-screen, purchase multiple products in a single transaction and receive personalized product suggestions. 

The vending machines also offer video advertising, remote planogram updates and eye-catching product features such as image animations.

This digital vending solution is suitable everywhere – workplaces, airports, railway stations, universities and hospitals. Selecta Group plans to install 500 to 1,000 vending machines in the UK and expand the solution to other markets in continental Europe including Germany, Italy, Austria, France and the Netherlands. 

The partnership builds upon the leading market positions of both companies to create new opportunities in the European vending machine market. 

Selecta is the European market leader in route-based self-service coffee and convenience food solutions in the workspace and public spaces. Mars Wrigley is the world's leading manufacturer of chocolate, chewing gum, mints and fruity confections with iconic brands such as M&M’S, Snickers, Twix, Mars bar, Maltesers and Extra

“We see Mars Wrigley as a strong partner based on their strong brands and values," said Jens van Beusekom, Group CPO Selecta. “Selecta knows how to operate and how to approach the market. Mars Wrigley knows how to manage brands and snacks, and together we can win retail markets.”