There’s no better time than now for a pop of brightness, and that’s the idea at the center of the new Dum-Dums lollipops advertising campaign. 

In a series of animated stories designed to delight, Smith Brothers Advertising Agency has introduced a new tagline for the 95-year-old brand, ‘Make Life Pop.’ The line is a play on words that leverages research conducted by Smith Brothers that found that consumers love Dum-Dums because the candy can brighten every day.

Dum-Dums is one of those rare, iconic brands that is already so loaded with positive emotion. Who doesn’t remember rooting around in that bowl and the simple thrill of finding your favorite flavor?” asked Smith Brothers co-founder, Lindsey Smith. “Our job was to keep it simple  — remind people what Dum-Dums already means to them and then kind of get out of the way.”

In the ads, we see a bundle of Dum-Dums lollipops imagined as a bouquet of flowers, a balloon, and other items that charm the giver and getter of the treat. The ads capture the playful nature of the brand that consumers also cited in the agency’s research that led the agency to develop the call to action, ‘Make Life Pop.’ The line will also appear on new Dum-Dums packaging.

The campaign includes two animated 30-second spots where a Dum-Dum replaces an object that brings joy during different stages of life. The 30-second-spots are cut down into each life scenario to create 15 second-spots for social. Launching in mid-August, the campaign will run across numerous digital channels and social platforms. You can see the work here.

“We haven’t advertised in a while and a lot has changed,” said Evan Brock, director of marketing at Spangler Candy. “That said, our goal with this campaign is to be ourselves and deliver a pop of positivity to kids of all ages.”

The Dum-Dums brand originated in 1924. It was purchased by Spangler Candy from Akron Candy in 1953 and moved to Bryan, Ohio, where the famous pops are still made today.