Cacao Barry and Mona Lisa have named Romain Cornu as their first fine dining global brand ambassador.

With more than 17 years of experience, Cornu has been involved with high-end restaurants and hotels in the Middle East, France and throughout the U.S. He continues to shape dessert offerings around the world as the global corporate pastry chef for TAO Hospitality Group.

"In a time where the fine dining scene has been notably challenged and has experienced many transformations, we felt it was crucial to support our customers with greater insights, ongoing hands-on experience, and expert advice coming from all corners of the world," said Andrea Doucet Donida, Cacao Barry global brand leader. "Partnering with chef Romain Cornu, a chef that shares our values of a strong chef community and is excited about the future of pastry, was the perfect ambassador to do just that. As he supervises fine-dining pastry labs in all corners of the world through the TAO group, he is in a unique position to understand first-hand the different changes happening and share those experiences with our 26 Chocolate Academy centers chefs and our customers and innovate with us to empower all creative chefs to succeed."

Together with Cacao Barry and Mona Lisa, Cornu will help shape the future of the evolving fine-dining pastry scene around the world, through insight sharing, training and innovations and joins the dynamic team of chefs of the brands’ Ambassador’s Club.

"I strive to bring the best to the plate in everything that I do, by innovating and pushing forward my technique," Cormu said. "Aligning with Cacao Barry is a natural fit for me. As a company in high-end chocolate, they are always innovating and developing new products that help push me to explore and be more creative. By joining Cacao Barry and Mona Lisa as a global ambassador, I also get an opportunity to indulge my passions, to be creative in my craft as a pastry chef, and more importantly, help teach and educate the next generations of chefs."