Lollipop Theater Network Evelyn Iocolano, Scandal Katie Lowes
Scandal's Katie Lowes and Lollipop Theater Network's Evelyn Iocolano accept a donation from IT'SUGAR. Photo provided.

IT’SUGAR has raised more than $36,000 for a charity that helps lift spirits at children’s hospitals.  

The candy company raised the money by selling a retro-styled lollipop branded with the Lollipop Theater Network logo. The lollipops were sold during the month of July.

The money was presented to the Lollipop Theater Network at IT’SUGAR’S Universal Citywalk. Scandal Star Katie Lowes received a ceremonial check on behalf of the charity at the event.

“How incredibly SWEET of IT'SUGAR, and all who contributed, to donate so generously to Lollipop Theater Network! #ThankYou!!” Lowes wrote on Facebook, where she posted a photo from the event.

This funding will help support and expand Lollipop Theater Network's in-hospital programming offering emotional escapes to the children and families who need it most.

“Thank you IT'SUGAR for the GIANT donation and thank you Katie Lowes for your GIANT heart!” The Lollipop Theater Network wrote on the same Facebook post.