Fini Sweets is bringing its customary whimsy to its North American product offerings, which include a variety of flavors, shapes and a new packaging innovation designed to give consumers twice the fun and flavor.

"We designed our North American candy portfolio to deliver on the delicious taste and satisfying texture that has made Fini internationally famous,” said Marketing Director Trevin Morton. “With a global flavor palette and delightful shape and size combinations, Fini products are unlike any other confections in the world."

Using a bag-in-bag construction, Fini’s new Flip It line features two products in the same package. One product is highlighted on each side of the bag. Available in four varieties, the line includes: 

  • Neon Bears + Sour Worms
  • Fruit Attack + Citrus Attack
  • Cinema Mix + Little Sour Mix
  • Red Licorice Wheels + Black Licorice Wheels

Flip It will begin shipping this month and will available in limited stores in late August or early September. The product will retail for $2.99.

"We believe every Fini Sweets product is its own small work of art – a testament to innovation, vibrant color, imaginative shapes, and, most importantly, the art of taste," Morton said. "We're excited to liven up the summer snacking season with the debut of our Flip It line and introduction of other creative, summer-ready snacks."

In addition to Flip It, the Spanish confectionery company also showcased its range of chewy, fruity and sour licorice and gummy products at the Sweets & Snacks Expo, held May 21-23 at McCormick Place in Chicago. 

Among Fini’s offerings are Kollisions, sweet and sour licorice; Shock Tongues, sour licorice belts; Sour Tornadoes, licorice filled with sour powder; and Hooplas, flower-shaped licorice pieces with two flavors in each piece.

Fini Sweets also introduced gluten-free jelly beans, 3D gummy bears and the Cinema Mix, a theater-ready pack of licorice and gummy candy in an assortment of shapes and flavors.

To celebrate the relocation of Fini Sweets’ U.S. headquarters to Elk Grove Village, northwest of Chicago, in January 2019, the company paired with renowned candy artists to create a 4.5-foot rendering of The Chicago Theatre using Fini candy as their medium. The piece was on display in Fini's booth during the Sweets & Snacks Expo.