Alter Eco has added two super-dark chocolate bars to its Blackout collection: Total Blackout and Raspberry Blackout. 

With high cacao percentages and minimal ingredients, these chocolate bars are ideal for anyone seeking a clean, ethically-made dark chocolate. The new bars join Super Blackout (90% cacao), Mint Blackout (90% cacao) and Classic Blackout (85% cacao).

“Our Blackout collection is certainly one of our most beloved, so we are really excited about the addition of these two bars that keep quality and health top of mind,” said Alter Eco CEO Mike Forbes. “We know that many are more conscious of what ingredients go into their products, and these bars are a testament to the sustainably-sourced ingredients that we believe should be available to everyone.”

The new bars are made with Heirloom Arriba Nacional Cacao from Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Total Blackout is a keto-friendly option made with 100% cacao and only two ingredients: organic cocoa beans and organic cocoa butter. This bar contains no added sugar and is free from sugar alcohols that can cause digestive distress. 

Raspberry Blackout contains 85% cacao and only four grams of sugar per serving, providing a rich raspberry flavor that is unique to the Blackout line. Both bars are a premium choice for chocolate lovers looking to indulge without the guilt. 

Like all of Alter Eco’s chocolate, these creations are made with organic, Fair Trade ingredients, including cacao grown with dynamic agroforestry methods — regenerative, climate-positive farming that integrates diverse crops into monoculture systems in order to improve soil health.
Additionally, Alter Eco is committed to providing clean ingredients that extend from the farm to the final product, which means never using GMOs, refined sugars, emulsifiers or preservatives.

Alter Eco’s Total Blackout and Raspberry Blackout bars are also certified as USDA organic, FairTrade, Gluten Free and Carbon Neutral. They’re packaged in FSC-certified paper that is responsibly sourced to protect forests. 

Alter Eco’s new bars are available now with a suggested retail price of $3.99 per 2.65-oz. (75g) bar.