THE COMPANY: Theo Chocolate, Seattle
THE PRODUCT: Big Daddy, Nib Brittle, Inspired Infused Caramel Collection
THE HOOK: Just in time for the holiday season, Theo Chocolate introduces three new confectionery offerings - Big Daddy, Nib Brittle and Inspired Infused Caramel Collection - all of which are organic and Fair Trade certified. Theo’s Big Daddy is made with graham cracker and caramel, topped with either peanut butter praline or marshmallow, and enrobed in milk or dark chocolate. Theo’s Nib Brittle is made with roasted cocoa bean nuggets in a sugar brittle. It can be enrobed in dark chocolate. The company’s Inspired Infused Caramel Collection features six of its best-selling caramels packaged together in one box. The package contains one piece of each flavor, including Lavender-Jalapeño, Orange-Thyme, Earl Grey Tea, Vanilla, Sage and Cardamom.
INGREDIENTS:Marshmallow Big Daddy: marshmallow (sugar*+, non-gmo corn syrup*, water, gelatin, salt, vanilla*) graham cracker crust (unbleached flour*, butter*, graham flour*, honey*, molasses*, sugar*+, baking soda, salt) caramel (sugar*+, cream*, organic non-gmo corn syrup*, butter*, vanilla*) milk chocolate (sugar*+, cocoa beans*+, milk powder*, cocoa butter*+) dark chocolate (cocoa beans*+, sugar*+, cocoa butter*+). *Certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. +Fair Trade certified by Trans Fair USA. Contains milk and wheat. Manufactured on shared equipment with products containing eggs, peanuts and other nuts.
S.R.P.: Big Daddy is $9.99 per box; Nib Brittle is $9.99 per box; Inspired Infused Caramel Collection is $12.99 per box.