Barry Callebaut

It’s official — cocoa flavanols really are good for you, at least according to a European Union Commission. And, Barry Callebaut can now legally add that health claim to its chocolate in the European Union.

Specifically, the EU Commission has approved the cocoa producer’s health claim submission on cocoa flavanols (Regulation No 851/2013).

The company has received the right to use the health claim: "cocoa flavanols help maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, which contributes to normal blood flow" — the first to do so in the cocoa and chocolate industry.

Barry Callebaut was able to provide evidence that the daily intake of 200 mg. of cocoa flavanols (provided by 2.5 g. ACTICOA cocoa powder or 10 g. ACTICOA dark chocolate) supports a healthy blood circulation by helping to maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels.

The company now has the proprietary right to use the cocoa flavanols claim within EU countries. The claim can be used for cocoa beverages (with cocoa powder) or for dark chocolate providing at least a daily intake of 200 mg. of cocoa flavanols.

Barry Callebaut will use the claim on its ACTICOA cocoa and chocolate products, which retain most of the cocoa flavanols naturally present in the cocoa bean.

And, Barry Callebaut's customers who use ACTICOA products also can apply the claim on their products and packaging.

Barry Callebaut sees new market potential to use the cocoa flavanols claim for — among others — applications in chocolate drinks, products using dark chocolate and even for the pharmaceutical industry.

Peter Boone, Barry Callebaut’s chief innovation officer, says the complany has already received plenty of  interest from customers.

"Receiving the right to use a health claim on cocoa flavanols by the EU Commission is most valuable for us as it is a great reward for long years of extensive research,” he says “The health claim is opening up new market potential.”

In July 2012, Barry Callebaut was the first company in the EU to obtain a positive Scientific Opinion on a health claim on cocoa flavanols by EFSA. Since 2005, the company has carried out more than 20 human clinical studies examining various impacts of cocoa flavanols on the human body functions. For these studies, Barry Callebaut used products made through its own developed ACTICOAprocess. The company's specific ACTICOA process is the outcome of years of research into ways of preserving cocoa flavanols.

Barry Callebaut succeeded in maintaining up to 80 percent of the cocoa flavanols, which would otherwise be destroyed for the most part during the conventional chocolate-making process.

Barry Callebaut opening $33-million cocoa facility in Makassar, Indonesia

Separately, Barry Callebaut also is opening a $33-million cocoa facility in Makassar, Indonesia to meet growing demand in Asia.

The project, which is a joint venture with P.T. Comextra Majora, a diversified soft commodities trader and a leading exporter of cocoa from Indonesia as well as a long-standing business partner of Barry Callebaut, was announced in November 2011.

Barry Callebaut owns 60 percent, and P.T. Comextra Majora 40 percent of the joint venture company P.T. Barry Callebaut Comextra Indonesia.

Jimmy Wisan, ceo of P.T. Comextra Majora and president commissioner of the joint venture P.T. Barry Callebaut Comextra Indonesia, says the partnership is a natural extension of the long-standing business relationship with Barry Callebaut.

"Our businesses complement each other and the partnership will harness the strengths of both companies,” he explains. “Barry Callebaut will be responsible for the operations and will purchase the manufactured products while P.T. Comextra Majora will supply the new facility with cocoa beans under a long-term supply agreement."

The cocoa factory in Makassar will have an initial annual grinding capacity of 30,000 tons, which is supported by a long-term bean supply agreement with P.T Comextra Majora.  

Barry Callebaut looks to create at broad network of local Asian cocoa and chocolate factories.

Following the recent acquisition of the cocoa business from Singapore-based Petra Foods, Barry Callebaut is further enhancing its manufacturing footprint in fast-growing Asian markets:

Besides the newly built Makassar site, the company has four other cocoa and four chocolate factories in the region. With this network Barry Callebaut can better service its customers — both local and global food manufacturers in Asia-Pacific —  from its facilities in the area.