Caramel with dipping sticks

Traditional Vanilla Caramel Squares with dipping sticks

The Warrell Corp., Camp Hill, Penn.

(717) 761-5440

Marketed under the Classic Caramel brand, Warrell is offering Traditional Vanilla Caramel Squares with not one, but two twists. The individually wrapped chewy candies are now accompanied by a pack of caramel-apple dipping sticks. The bags they come in also feature updated graphics and are set for a fall 2014 release. The handcrafted caramels continue to be handcrafted and made with real sugar. Warrell is a family-owned manufacturer of candies and snacks including Katharine Beecher, Classic Caramel and Flipsticks.

S.R.P.: (10-oz. lay down bag) $2.49