Cocomels is launching <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Squares.

Balancing dark chocolate with coconut cream caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt, Cocomels' new <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Squares are free from dairy, gluten, corn syrup, and cholesterol. In addition to being vegan and keto-friendly, the brand doesn't use sugar alcohols. These sharable squares are sweetened with allulose.

"When creating our new <1g Sugar Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Squares, the most important factor to us was to develop an option for sugar-reducing consumers which did not compromise on taste and was as close to our fan-favorite classics as possible," says JJ Rademaekers, chief candyman and founder of Cocomels. "That's why we decided to develop our own high quality allulose-based chocolate, because we felt it tasted the closest to sugar-full chocolate without sugar alcohols or palm oil."

With 80 calories per two-pack serving, Cocomels <1g Sugar Squares will be sold online via Amazon, Cocomels website, and all Sprouts Farmers Market stores at a suggested retail price of $2.49.