Guylian’s Belgian Chocolate Coated Fruits
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Guylian’s has launched a range of three premium chocolate coated fruits. The Belgian brand brings raisins in smooth Belgian milk chocolate, blueberries and cranberries coated with Belgian dark chocolate to the market.

The lineup includes:

  • Guylian’s Milk Chocolate Coated Raisins: Delectable, dried raisins covered in the finest Belgian milk chocolate.
  • Guylian’s Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberries: The fruity flavor of the blueberries is perfectly paired with the finest Belgian dark chocolate.
  • Guylian’s Dark Chocolate Coated Cranberries: Indulge in Belgian dark chocolate covered cranberries

By using real fruit and the finest Belgian dark and milk chocolate, Guylian promotes this new range as a delicious snack you can enjoy all day, every day.

“It’s the perfect match between a craving for the healthiness of real fruit and the indulgent taste sensation of premium Belgian chocolate.” says Mieke Callebaut, managing director of Guylian.

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