As the final preparations for this year’s interpack show in Dusseldorf come to a close, the excitement begins to mount for attendees and exhibitors. Show organizers expect more than 2,700 exhibitors from approximately 60 countries in all 19 halls of the Düsseldorf fairgrounds. From May 4 – 10, interpack will present packaging and processing solutions for confectionery, snack and bakery manufacturers.

As the largest show for confectionery processing and packaging companies, interpack promises to similarly address the issues inherent in the confectionery industry, particularly as they apply to automation, technology, production innovation, sustainability, energy costs, safety, sanitation and manufacturing flexibility.

As always, halls 1 through 4 will be specifically devoted to the confectionery segment. Naturally, there will be companies that work with confectionery manufacturers located throughout halls 5 through 19.

This month’s On-Floor Preferred Suppliers Exhibit Guide provides readers with a preview of select manufacturers that have focused on helping manufacturers compete in a more complex and connected global confectionery industry. 

Preferred Suppliers Booths

 A.M.P. Rose

Established more than 35 years ago, A.M.P Rose is one of the world’s leading machine builders and process and packaging solution providers for the confectionery, chocolate and snack industries.

The company continues to develop a new and exciting range of factory automation machinery, both with and without the use of robotics. The latest in linear transport systems, which combines the benefits of both rotary and linear systems, has been integrated to feed the company’s multipack wrapping machines. The main focus for this development is flexible format changes, where downtime is almost non-existent when a client wants to change the collations on the multi-pack.

Robotics, and developing a system that works, in conjunction with current automated systems is another development. This will mainly focus on case filling, thereby offering the complete packaging and boxing solution. With this expansion of factory automation machinery, the company will have more product lines to offer full factory solutions.

In addition to the automated systems, the family-owned company is further developing its machine and factory data solutions to give managers real data directly from their machines. A.M.P Rose will be integrating electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to our machines so they can collect and exchange data from the physical machine to other physical devices where managers can see live data of their lines. Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to allow a manager to not only monitor their lines, but also remotely control them, whether that is from their laptop or mobile device.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth E29, hall 3


 Bosch Packaging Technology

Flat pouches are the trend among all ages. Nearly everything today can be packaged in small, convenient and easily portioned flat pouches. With the new Sigpack VPF (Vertical Platform Flat Pouch), Bosch Packaging Technology (BPT) introduces the first freely scalable flat pouch machine to the market.

 “In 2016, we won the German Packaging Award with the prototype of the Sigpack VPF,” says Frank Buehler, product manager at BPT. “We are pleased to present the unique advantages of the machine to manufacturers in the food and pharmaceutical industry, for the first time, at interpack 2017.”

The Sigpack VPF offers the best performance per square meter of floor space by combining modular flexibility with high production speed at a low overall operating cost.

The Sigpack VPF stands out with its unsurpassed flexibility, enabling manufacturers to adjust quickly and economically to production volumes and product changes according to market needs. Thanks to the modularization of the dosing and cross-sealing units, the Sigpack VPF is freely scalable from two to up to 12 lanes. In addition, pouch sizes are easily adjustable. The new decentralized stock of product makes it possible to package different products, such as salt and pepper, at the same time on one machine.

“The complete modularization of the dosing and sealing units allows for flexible lanes, making the new Sigpack VPF a future-proof investment for every manufacturer,” Buehler explains.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth C30 in hall 6



Be it diverse chocolate products, cocoa, nuts, coffee, sweets, cookies, crackers, cereal bars, energy bars, breakfast cereals or snacks, Bühler has the most complete spectrum of solutions for the confectionery industry.

At interpack 2017 the company showcases itself as a full-service provider of integrated solutions for manufacturing a wide range of foods. Fine-tuned to the end product and the requirements of the local markets, Bühler specialists develop innovative solutions for the production of small to medium capacities right up to industrial mass production. The focus here is on high productivity and a high level of automation, maximum food safety and energy-efficiency.

Among other things, Bühler will showcase a manufacturing system for producing cereal bars on a small scale. The SnackFix offers everything a small manufacturer needs, featuring only two main components: a mass preparation unit and a cross cutting unit.

For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth D24/D28, hall 3



In celebration of Carle&Montanari’s 110th anniversary (founded in 1897), Carle&Montanari-OPM and CMFIMA will introduce new machines in every product line of its complete range: chocolate processing, moulding, wrapping, primary and secondary packaging.

CM-OPM will introduce the NANO CHOCOLINE, a small line for chocolate preparation, dedicated to small-medium chocolate manufacturers, industrial confectioners and in general, for all those who need to produce small batches with high quality. The line can be run by a single operator and fits in a compact area.

This mini-line, which can produce up to 250/300 kg/h has the same features as a large modern production line and consists of the following: the Mixer MTE-250, designed to homogeneously mix the solid and liquid raw materials for the production of chocolate, compound and cream masses; the first stage refiner HCP 303 and the second stage refiner HFI 306, both with three refining rolls; and the ALPHA1, the horizontal conching machine with a single agitator shaft, suitable for final conching of the refined mass.

In the moulding area, customers will see the NEXT CAVEMIL, a new intermittent chocolate moulding line, presented here in the 650 x 350 version for solid chocolate products and solid with inclusions.

In the wrapping area, CMFIMA will introduce the S-Pack, a new innovative machine for hermetic wrapping of chocolate pieces (Napolitains and small bars) in an envelope-like wrap with single material plus tear tape for easy opening (up to 400 ppm). This innovative, patent-pending, design is able to ensure a high level of product protection for a longer shelf-life while maintaining the appearance of a traditional bar wrap.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth E21 in hall 4



Chocotech GmbH, a member of the Sollich KG group of companies, is a key supplier of kitchens for the confectionery industry.

Our specialty includes solutions for both soft and hard candy type masses, including caramels, fondants, fudges, jellies, gummies, aerated masses, laminated nut masses, halwa, chewy candies, hard candies, medicated soft and hard candies with DQ, IQ and OQ.

At interpack, Chocotech will be exhibiting a broad range of equipment, including the following: 

  • Caralite a new process for caramel making, utilizing the patented-pending Ecograv system
  • A new continuous dynamic Sucrotherm cooler
  • A Sucromaster hard candy unit designed for medicated hard candy
  • Newly designed system for volumetric addition of CFA
  • Newly designed Sucrotwist pressure dissolver for starch type jellies
  • The patented energy-saving Ecograv pressure dissolver
  • A complete hard candy line with new features
  • A Chewmaster system including the Sucroform W for forming the mass
  • A caramel cooking system with Sucrofilm / Caraflex
  • A Carastar universal cooker
  • Newly designed Frozenshell will be running continuously making chocolate shells
  • Newly designed one-shot Pralimat with servo drive

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth A07, hall 3



As one would expect, Dumoulin will showcase many innovations as well as new developments in its equipment range.

For starters, the company will be exhibiting the IDA 3002CV automated coater, the biggest and fastest chocolate coating equipment available on the market. This unit can coat with chocolate and then polish and varnish during the same batch. Nominal output is three tons of finished products per batch, every 2 to 3 hours. This model will be exhibited with a user-friendly option that allows rear extraction of the spraybar. 

Our IDA 3002X automated coater represents the biggest and fastest technology in sugar and sugar-free coating. It has a perforated drum for fast and efficient drying, thus reducing the processing time.

Nominal output is three tons of finished products per batch, every 4 to 6 hours.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, with regards to output, is the LogiC. It is our smallest automatic machine, with 250 kg of finished products per batch. This model will be exhibited in both chocolate coating and polishing versions. It is also available for sugar and sugar-free coating.

Small lab models will also be on display, as a reminder of Dumoulin’s long-term expertise in coating technology.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth B17, hall 1


 Fast Track Engineering

Fast Track Engineering (FTE) designs, manufactures and installs starch moulding equipment for the confectionery industry. The machines available from FTE are equipped with servo motors applied with the minimum of mechanical linkages, thus reducing wear and failure associated with machines relying on more mechanical working parts. 

From moguls, starch conditioning systems and dust collectors to pumps, mould boards, and pallet transports, including curing rooms and other associated axillary equipment, Fast Track Engineering can tailor-make a solution to suit your requirements.  With starch moulding being so flexible, we can help customers deliver the end result they desire. As a result, confectionery manufacturers can change the flavor and color; include different colors and flavors; and even combine them into one confection. The result: changes in appearance and texture can be made without having to invest a huge amount of money.

At interpack, Fast Track Engineering is proud to be exhibiting its stainless-steel double depositor featuring the universal pump alongside our stainless-steel jumbo sugar sander.

For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth B23, hall 1



“Packed with inspiration” is the theme for GEA at interpack in Düsseldorf. Highlighted developments include the GEA Aquarius Coating Line, a great way to distinguish lollipops by adding taste, color, texture or shine with coatings of powder, syrup or granulate. It forms, cools, coats and wraps ball and 3D lollipops at up to 600 per minute, and some of the possibilities it presents can be tasted at the Coating Bar on the GEA stand. 

There are two continuous motion GEA SmartPackers on display as well:  a CX250 with a multi-head weigher; and a CX400 that meets the highest hygiene standards. These machines can handle the latest stand-up packaging formats – including Quatro seal and Easy Doystyle – to ensure they stand out on shelves and counters.

Another standard-setting packaging solution from GEA is its SmartPacker TwinTube C, which achieves up to 500 bags per minute by packing two pillow bags in parallel — all in the same floor space as a regular bagger. GEA SmartPackers handle products smoothly, making it possible to bag fragile or gummy candy at high speeds. And thanks to the intelligent product-in-seal detection system, no product gets between the sealing jaws, so there’s no need to stop for cleaning.

For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth B09/B31 in hall 7A.


 Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken

Tracing its roots in the merger of Petzholdt-Heidenauer, Bauermeister and Macintyre, and now a part of the Probat Group known for its roasting technologies, Hamburg Dresdner Maschinenfabriken GmbH provides the cocoa and chocolate industry with any technology necessary that’s needed in the value-added chain between the receiving of the cocoa beans and the production of chocolate masses, compounds or fillings.

With its patented five-roll refiner HFS 180 S, Hamburg Dresdner presents an advanced high-performance five-roll refiner that combines the constructive and economic benefits of a machine with a roll length of only 1800 mm, but with the performance of a five-roll refiner with rolls having a length of 2500 mm.

For throughputs lower than those economically justifying the use of a conventional five-roll refiner line, Hamburg Dresdner will exhibit its series of Macintyre Refiner Conches, a technology that allows a company to combine the process steps of mixing, refining and conching in one single machine.

An integrated “Bean to Chocolate Mass” machine for the production of artisan chocolate will also be exhibited. It comprises a cocoa roaster, a winnower and a refiner conch, which not only can be used for the production of cocoa mass, but also for the production of chocolate mass.

For more information, visit; at interpack, visit booth E07, hall 3



When thinking about sugar wafers and extruded snacks, the Hebenstreit booth is a “must see” stop again this year. After all, Hebenstreit is an idea factory. Some of the company’s ideas have set standards in the industry, such as the baking plate size of 700 x 350 mm, the unique vertical plate locking technology, the lowest oven CO2 emissions as well as lowest energy consumption to name a few.

The company is a global manufacturer of sugar wafer and extruded snack food production lines. All equipment is designed and built in its two manufacturing plants in Germany.

During interpack, Hebenstreit will be presenting its next idea and the next standard in wafer production technology. Visitors will see a baking plate with a dimension of up to 1,000 x 350 mm. This technology provides the highest capacity and efficiency within a minimum floor space.

The company has also developed a system of automatically fully opening and closing the baking plates at the rear of the oven and then using a laser system to quickly and efficiently clean the plates. This method allows for a complete oven to be cleaned in a single shift.

Hebenstreit also recognizes that a good quality wafer starts with a good quality batter and cream filling. Fully automatic batter and cream preparation systems with the feeding and dosing of the raw materials are part of its equipment range. The batter mixers can also be provided with the proven Tecon technology, which is based on the concept that the mixer is mounted on load cells for improved performance.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth E08 in hall 3


 Gerhard Schubert

Packaging processes are becoming increasingly complex due to greater product diversity and smaller batch sizes. Crailsheim, Germany-based Gerhard Schubert GmbH is responding to this trend with “simplicity.” With this in mind, the acknowledged market leader in digital packaging machines has been capitalizing on its own intelligent machine control systems for decades. The sixth generation of VMS packaging machine controls is a standard component in each and every TLM packaging machine without an electrical cabinet. It ensures optimal performance and maximum flexibility throughout the machine’s entire service life.

At this year’s interpack, Schubert is presenting its new data box and possible applications of the anticipated platform. This web-based platform combines all the important functions for monitoring and documenting machine data under a single user interface.

Customers, suppliers and the TLM machines themselves, along with Schubert Group employees, will be able to access the platform. One component is the data box, which analyzes important machine data. The data box, which will also be available to other machine builders, provides the machine manufacturer and its customers with an interface to retrieve relevant information on various areas such as maintenance, control and machine performance.

As the eighth system component, the new Flowmodul enables the packaging of products such as biscuits, bars and other articles in flowpacks — seamlessly — within the proven TLM systems. Image recognition, pick & place robots and the Flowmodul merge into a single system. This system also achieves best marks in terms of space requirements, quality control and flexibility. At interpack, Schubert will be showing a picker line with five F4 robots, which places biscuits in the Flowmodul’s product feed system. A total of 500 products run through the packaging process.

Schubert will be presenting further flexible application possibilities for confectionery manufacturers using — as an example — a TLM system consisting of five sub-machines, which packages filled cone-shaped wafers into cartons. The maximum output of this system is 250 wafers per minute.

For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth A06, hall 14


 Sollich KG

Chocolate tempering machines have always constituted a substantial part of the innovative power present at Sollich. At this interpack, the latest advancements engineered into the Turbo tempering line of machines will be on display.

The TE tempering model — together with the automatic Tempergraph — offer continuous quality control and thus ensure optimum tempering results in actual operating conditions.

To accommodate ongoing demand for flexibility, The Turbotemper Flex — in combination with cleaning devices — allows operators to adjust the unit to meet various requirements.

In addition, the tempering machines are ideally suitable for tempering and aerating filling masses.

The successfully marketed Reworktemper type RWT 125 and RWT 250/400 have been further improved to facilitate the optimal processing of rework masses in combination with depositing systems. Special emphasis was placed on facilitating quick mass changeovers and hygienic sanitation.

Sollich KG, the largest manufacturer of chocolate enrobing lines, will exhibit its broad range of machines with working widths between 320 and 1600 mm. The flagship unit — the Enromat M6 — has been enhanced based on the various requirements of customers worldwide as well as Sollich’s own know-how stemming from supplying hundreds of enrobing lines within the past years.

For the bar production Sollich KG will show two Conbar lines — one for small capacities or product development and the other one for high outputs. With the Conbar systems different candy and cereal bars can be produced.

One of the highlights at interpack will be the Sollcofill/Sollcocap depositing line for refined biscuits, which fillings such as caramel, fondant, nut paste, jelly, milk or yogurt cream, or chocolate that can be deposited together with inclusions. The performance of the system has been highly increased and guarantees a high quality production of sandwiched products.

For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth B07/C08 in hall 3


 Tanis Confectionery

Tanis Confectionery will show for the first time its entire T-Gel processing line (for the production of gums and jellies) at interpack. The next generation of moguls, the T-Gel moulding starch  line will be shown, the 800 x 40 with a capacity of 4,500 kg/hr and a pilot model with a capacity of 100 kg/hr.

In addition Tanis also will show a T-Bar forming line, to produce cereal and nougat bars as well as energy and nutritional bars. The company also offers the following equipment for confectionery processing: The T-Chew line (for the production of chewy products), the T-Cream line (for the production of fondants and creams), the T Brown line (for the production of toffee and caramels), and the T-Rock (for the production of hard candy).

At the booth, Tanis will showcase three lines:

The T-Gel Family, Tanis’ successful process line for the production of gums and jellies, will be displayed as a complete line with a kitchen and an 800 x 40 mogul rated at 4,500 kg/hr. The Tanis Team has developed ideas as to how a starch-based depositor should be designed to overcome some of the mechanical and contamination challenges of moguls in the current market. In their experience, line speed, dosing accuracy and line efficiency have always been at odds. It was time for a drastic overhaul of traditional mogul design.

The T-Gel Pilot, consists of a kitchen and a depositor. It has a capacity of 100 kg/hr, which is perfect for product development and sample manufacturing.

After cooking of the basic mass, the T-Bar forming line produces final shapes for cereal or candy bars. The line consists of a slab former, slitter, spreader and cutter.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth B29, hall 3


 Tanis Food Tec

For Tanis Food Tec (TFT), the year’s interpack coincides with the company’s 25th anniversary of its founding. As a result, it’s a particularly exciting time to showcase the latest developments. At the show, the following machines will be on display:

RotoTemp 2.0 — the scraped surface heat exchanger for tempering, cooling, reheating and pasteurization of both liquids and very viscous masses.

Batter Mixer — developed for the continuous and fully automated preparation of batters, as a replacement of planetary mixers.

Marshmallow Extruders — several example extruders on display. Both for multicolor cable as well as static extrusion.

Rotoplant — has recently undergone a complete design update. The TFT Rotoplant incorporates all the necessary equipment for tempering, aeration, water and product temperature control and coloring/ flavoring for the filling of biscuits.

TFT’s continuous and fully automated Rotoplant will be demonstrated in operation. It is an extraordinary item at the exhibition because this machine is nominated by Rockwell for the “Best Future Machine Award.”

TFT also will host a party on May 8, 2017 to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary. The festivities will begin after 5 p.m. at our booth (D27 – Hall 3). All are welcome. 

For more information, visit, at interpack stop by booth D27, hall 3 


 Tecno 3

Multiprocess C is the mini-line by Tecno 3 designed for the production of small amounts of chocolate. Starting from cocoa nibs grinding, the process develops through ingredients dosing and mixing, refining and conching, and finally up to chocolate production for moulding chocolate.

After dosing and mixing, product drops down by gravity into the refiner. Afterwards it comes out on a tilted conveyor belt that feeds into the upper inner part of the evaporation tower, where effective conching takes place. It then returns into the refiner to start a new cycle. As soon as the chocolate has reached the desired fineness and taste, the process can terminate.

The recipe parameters are settable on the touch screen panel of the electric control cabinet.

This is a compact machine with small overall dimensions. There are no pumps and connections pipes. Each single part of the system can be easily disassembled and removed to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitation. The system is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Unit capacities will include 5-, 25- and 50-kg. models. The 5-kg. model comes with the optional insertion of a temperer/depositor, a vibrating surface for the mould and a cooling cell, without involving any increase of the overall dimensions compared to the basic line.

For more information, visit ; at interpack, stop by booth F02, hall 3



tna will be using a combination of virtual and augmented reality at this year’s interpack in Düsseldorf, Germany, to showcase its complete range of packaging and processing solutions. Visitors to hall 15, booth B22 will get the chance to experience tna’s leading equipment designs in a multi-sensual “real world” environment. Using the latest, cutting-edge technology, visitors will go on a virtual ride that will give them the unique opportunity to immerse themselves into tna’s full range of turnkey solutions. At the same time, augmented reality will make it possible to bring individual systems to life and allow visitors to interact with them to find out more about their specific capabilities and features, creating a truly impactful virtual experience.

Thanks to the company’s recent acquisition of Australian confectionery equipment supplier NID, tna is now also able to supply confectionery manufacturers with complete mogul lines, including some of the most innovative starch moulding systems and all the necessary ancillary equipment. For more information on NID’s innovative mogul technology please visit the NID team in hall 3, stand D29.

For more information, visit; at interpack, stop by booth B22, hall 15 for tna and booth D29, hall 3 for NID


 Winkler und Dünnnebier

Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of confectionery production machines.

With this comprehensive machinery and production portfolio, WDS has the capability to cover the whole spectrum of deposited confectionery products within various applications and capacity ranges.

WDS production lines have a reputation of highest quality and reliability throughout the whole world.

For many years WDS has regularly participated in the most important international trade fairs of the industry. At  interpack 2017, the company will showcase new trends and innovations.

One of this year’s innovatons focuses on the further development of the increasingly popular, freely configurable ConfecECO series — a line for almost every budget, especially for smaller production quantities. Another is the new high-performance mogul line — the Mogul 660, which guarantees a cost-efficient production due to modular design.

In addition, the WDS service department will be offering a comprehensive range of services in all areas connected with production. The company will also feature its starchless moulding line — an alternative to depositing into starch moulds.

For more information, visit; at interpack stop by booth C07, hall 3