In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC)’s new natural dark chocolate line proudly carries the Non-GMO Project as well as the Rainforest Alliance seals.

Kelly Meinken, the chocolate company’s marketing director, says that while it took time to find quality non-GMO ingredients for the new dark chocolate line, the results have been worth it.

“We’re grateful to the Non-GMO Project who helped us achieve verification,” she says.

In addition to using non-GMO ingredients, ECS also extended its collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance to its natural line. Products certified by the organization stand in line with its mission of promoting the well-being of workers and helping their communities adopt better farming practices.

The natural dark chocolate line will feature both seals on the wrapper so they will be easily seen by ESC consumers.

ESC was established two decades ago in 1993 in Talent, Ore. Upon moving to Indianapolis in 2005, the company increased its output as a result of installing new production equipment, which enhanced efficiency.

"It’s amazing how much ESC has grown over the past 20 years,” says Meinken. “The company is now a top-ranked chocolate manufacturer in the natural category. Increased sales coupled with improved efficiency translate into larger donations to our 10% GiveBack partners, African Wildlife Foundation and The Xerces Society.”