In accordance with the belief that species, habitat and humanity are all interconnected, Endangered Species Chocolate, Indianapolis, is launching its new co-exist line this summer, featuring five flavors of ethically traded, all-natural dark chocolate covered nuts, berries and toffee.

The new line is kosher-certified and available in a 3-oz. pouches that will include the following flavors: dark chocolate-covered cherries, dark chocolate-covered almonds, dark chocolate covered-cashews, dark chocolate-covered hazelnut toffee, and dark chocolate-covered cranberries and almonds. It was created after the company, headed by New Product Development Director Becky Kingery, conducted extensive research into new products for its core consumers.

“When we decided it was time to launch a new product line, we really wanted to know what types of products our consumers were wanting, so we conducted an online survey and several focus groups to get their feedback,” Kingery say. “In addition to co-exist, we will be adding several more new products to both our Web store and retail during the next year, all of which reflects the feedback we received from our research.”

Co-exist will be available exclusively at Whole Foods beginning in June and will roll out nationwide in August. For more information