As part of a new cooperation between Bernard Callebaut and the Luxury (LUX) restaurant group, Callebaut is planning to expand his papa chocolat brand in Canada and the U.S., and construct a new 5,500-sq.-ft. factory in Alberta, Canada.
“Today marks a new chapter in the future of papa chocolat,” he said while announcing the plans April 21.
The project is a result of the Luxury (LUX) Restaurant Group taking a non-controlling equity position in papa chocolat, according to LUX.
“We believe papa chocolate is ideally suited to our LUX Restaurant Group and in particular our Chiasso Cafe’s, which will being selling papa chocolate creations immediately,” says Adam Drybrough, partner with the LUX Group. “We also plan on integrating Bernard’s ideas for chocolate-themed desserts into our Flatiron Kitchen and Bar restaurants.”
The planned factory is slated to be built downtown in the city of Calgary, and should be operational later in the summer. Callebaut said he also plans to continue to open papa chocolat corporate stores in various markets, including Calgary.
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