Move over Indiana Jones. The Crystal Skull’s got nothin’ on Professor Sauernoggin and the Landfill of Doom, the latest adventure from the makers of Toxic Waste candy. Candy Dynamics recently launched the online game, which encourages users to help Toxic Waste mascot (and environmentalist) Professor Sauernoggin recover the candy’s secret formula from the sinister Dr. Smogg,

With help from Hazmat the Rat, players can guide the professor while dodging Gloop creatures, pools of waste, open fires and hanging electrical cable, at the same time collecting garbage and litter to accumulate points. Between levels, text messages conveying important environmental messages are displayed. Skilled players receive discounts for online purchases at the game’s end.

The game is yet another addition to the Toxic Waste URL, which features animated characters and sound, free music and wallpaper downloads, and other games, all promoting environmental responsibility.

“Candy Dynamics is constantly looking for creative new ways to educate our young customers and to encourage them to take part in activities that will help preserve the environment,” says Laura King, vice president of marketing.

Candy Dynamics makes the following products: Toxic Waste Hazardously Sour Candy, Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge and Toxic Waste Sour Candy Sprays.