The days of boring stamps with horrible-tasting glue are finally over — at least in Belgium.

Bpost, Belgium’s domestic and international postal service, has announced the launch of stamps infused with both the smell and taste of one of the nation’s most popular foods — chocolate.

While this is not the first time a smell has been added to a postage stamp, Bpost has started something new by combining a smell with a distinctive flavor.

“It was an intense quest to find the smell and taste of dark chocolate that is characteristic of the Belgian chocolate,” says Fred Lens, a Bpost representative. “It took partners from four countries — Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland — to get the flavor just right.”

The five new postage stamps depict chocolate in some of its iconic forms: sprinkles, pralines, chocolate spread, pieces of raw chocolate and bars. Food photographer Tony Le Duc and graphic designer Katleen Miller collaborated on the design of the stamps and the sheetlet.

The stamps are expected to go on sale March 25 in Mechelen and Brussels, as well as on the Bpost website. The five-stamp series will cost 6.20 euros.