French Kiss Russian candy maker

French Kiss, Russia's leading producer of premium hand-made confectionery, is launching a new production facility in Moscow as part of its medium-term development strategy.

The company invested around RUB 200 million (about $3.9 million) in the new facility. And, the candy maker hopes the new facility will more than double its confectionery production capacity, while boosting its operational efficiency.

In August 2014, VIYM - acting on behalf of its investors - closed a deal to acquire a stake in French Kiss. The goal was to finance investment programs and ensure the company becomes the largest producer and distributor of hand-made chocolate in Russia by 2017, as well as strengthening its positions on the corporate sales market.

"The new production facility will enable French Kiss to deliver more attractive products to its clients and customers,” explains Andrey Yakunin, partner at VIYM. “French Kiss' confectionery meets the highest European quality standards, using the finest Belgian chocolate and other exclusive ingredients, and is produced using the latest, top-end equipment. We are delighted that the company continues to strengthen its position in the Russian market.”

French Kiss opened its first chocolate boutiques in Moscow in 2004. Initially the company imported products from Europe, and in 2008 opened its own production facility in Moscow.

Today, French Kiss occupies a strong position on the Russian market. In addition to production, it invests in creating new recipes and developing its network of retail outlets. In the coming years, the number of French Kiss branded boutique chocolatiers is set to grow 1.5 fold. The company also plans to expand the products it offers to include premium ice cream, cakes and biscuits.