THE COMPANY: Crown Candies LLC, Duluth, Ga.
THE PRODUCT: Gourmet Caramel Candies
THE HOOK: For five generations the Aguas-Hernandez family has produced “borrachitos.” Finally, Crown Candies is introducing “borrachitos” into the U.S. in two varieties: Tequila and Licor De Café. Both flavors are made with copper kettle-spun caramel and use 100% whole milk and 100% cane sugar. The cream-filled caramels are hand-crafted and contain 4% alcohol.
INGREDIENTS:Tequila: Cane sugar, whole milk, blue agave tequila, ethyl alcohol, sorbitol, potassium sorbate.
S.R.P.: $5.99 for a 24-ct. box.