Emmerich, Germany-based Probat designs, plans and builds complete production lines for the cocoa processing industry. The company’s core competenciesprobat1 —  which encompass everything from the cleaning of the raw material and pretreatment to winnowing and  alkalizing  — are particularly focused on the roasting of cocoa beans and cocoa nibs. Production capacities of complete lines range up to 8,000 kg/h.

Probat’s thermal pretreatment, type FSC, reliably reduces the adhesion forces between shell and kernels and removes moisture from the bean. Its heat recirculation provides significant energy savings while the beans are optimally prepared for the next process steps.

The state-of-the-art designed winnower prevents nib losses and ensures a maximum yield with a clean separation of nibs and shells. The reactor and helix of the mixer in Probat’s alkalizing device are especially designed for the processing of cocoa nibs. Low and, in particular high, alkalized cocoa nibs are gently mixed. Different recipes for a wide range of colors and pH-values are stored in the control system memory and can always be recalled when needed.

The capacity of the alkalizing device perfectly matches the Probat cocoa batch roasters, type FRD/C, which was exclusively developed for cocoa nib roasting. Key design points of these roasters emphasize product quality, aroma development, flexibility, energy savings and product safety. The FRD/C is equipped with an external heating oven with hot air distribution along the entire drum length.

All nibs are gently mixed in the drum with a special shovel system. A very even heat transfer to the product is one of the results of this technology. Roasting with high moisture content of the cocoa nibs is possible as well. In addition, the new patented FRD/C-T2 combines the advantages of nib and hot air roasting by generating a second air flow through the drum.

 The advantages are enhanced color and aroma development, reduced process times and notable energy savings compared to any other hot-air-roasting system.



 For further information, visit www.probat.com