>UPDATE: interpack 2020 has been postponed to Feb. 25-  March 3, 2021.
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interpack — the upcoming trade and packaging show slated for May 7-13 in Dusseldorf, Germany — is still a few months out, but officials are already taking precautions for the coronavirus.

The show is still proceeding as planned, according to event organizers, who also said “Messe Düsseldorf is closely monitoring current developments and is in direct contact with the health authorities.”

They added that according to the World Health Organization, the Robert Koch Institute and the German authorities, the risk of infection with this new pathogen in Germany is currently very low. 

According to CNBC, the coronavirus, which started in China, has already led to the death of at least 2,704 people. And globally, 80,200 cases have been reported. 

The last interpack in 2017 attracted 2,865 exhibitors and 170,500 visitors from all over the world. Event organizers said they are maintaining close contact between all the relevant stakeholders to ensure that “new findings are shared, that information is provided and that available procedures for the trade fair grounds are modified to suit a given situation.”

The exhibition center is also drawing on experience from other major illnesses as it prepares for coronavirus. 

“The medical facilities at the Düsseldorf exhibition center have the latest information at all times and are well prepared,” the organizers said. “There are clearly defined procedures for looking after anyone on the premises of the trade fair grounds who suddenly develops symptoms of a serious disease. These procedures were developed and tested at the time of SARS, the Influenza A (H1N1) virus and also EHEC.” 

Messe Düsseldorf will provide guests, partners and members of staff with hand disinfection dispensers in the toilets, washrooms, in the area in front of the trade fair doctor’s office/out-patient facility as well as at the entrance concourses. 

Messe Düsseldorf has also shortened the cleaning intervals for toilets and washrooms. Contact surfaces (including door handles, handrails and switches) on doors, lifts, staircases and moving walkways are now cleaned daily. In addition, Messe Düsseldorf informs all guests, partners and employees about hygiene and prevention tips made by the Federal Office for Health Education on posters.