Yowie has released a Yowie Reward Chart — an easy way to track a child's weekly homework and chores.

The chart gives each child a treat at the end of the week. It can be used in the classroom as well. The interactive chart will hold students accountable to classroom responsibilities and the reward of a Yowie can transition into lessons on endangered animals, wildlife habitats and environmental conservation.

Yowie's surprise-inside chocolate treat is sustainably sourced, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and contains no GMOs, palm oil, gluten or nuts. Each Yowie features an endangered animal collectible figurine and a leaflet to help kids learn about the animal.  

Yowie World has put together activities to help kids make the most of the Yowie surprise-inside reward. From making a display tower for their Yowie figurines out of Yowie capsules to making creative capsule creatures — kids will be rewarded not only with a treat but also with games combining fine motor skills and playtime.