has released a map showing the most popular holiday candy in every state.

The online bulk retailer reached out to major candy manufacturers and distributors, as well as collected 32,000 responses from customers. noted reindeer corn — the holiday version of the fall staple — finished in the Top 3 in 19 different states and was the No. 1 candy in eight states, up from five in 2018.

Meanwhile, candy canes were in the Top 3 for 28 states, followed in popularity by reindeer corn. Though it ranked as No. 1 in fewer states this year, the number of Top 3 rankings have increased.

And as for peppermint bark, it ranked as No. 1 in eight states this year, up from five in 2018. pointed to its regional popularity in the Midwest and the South.

In California, Texas and Illinois, where Candy Industry is based, Reese’s Miniature Peanut Butter Cups took the top spot. New Yorkers and Floridians are looking forward to Snickers, while neighbors Wyoming and South Dakota love chocolate Santas.

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