THE COMPANY: Valrhona, Inc., Brooklyn, New York
THE PRODUCT: Chocolate bars, home baking products
THE HOOK: Just before Valentine’s Day, Valrhona launched its rebranded and expanded chocolate bar and home baking products. The products’ new packaging displays a new version of the company’s trademarked cocoa flower, with each cocoa flower color reflecting a specific Grands Crus chocolate bar flavor. Additionally, the range features black matte packaging and a new asymmetric square design on the chocolate bars. The Grands Crus bars come in eight flavors: Tanariva 33%, Jivara Lait 40%, Manjari 64%, Taïnori 64%, Alpaco 66%, Caraïbe 66%, Guanaja 70% and Abinao 85%. Valrhona’s baking bars come in four flavors: Le Noir 61% Dark Chocolate, Le Noir 68% Dark Chocolate, Le Lait 39% Milk Chocolate and Le Blanc 34% White Chocolate.
INGREDIENTS: Manjari 64%: Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla extract.
S.R.P.:  Grands Crus 70g bars - $6.99; Baking bars - $12.99.