Colorado-based wholesale manufacturer Genesee Candy Land has launched the OINKS brand for its signature chocolate-covered bacon products. 
The rebranding includes new packaging for bacon strips, bacon bites and the newest addition to the lineup, chocolate bacon truffles. In recognition of National Bacon Day on Dec. 30, 2018, these items became available at convenience store retailers. The individual strips of chocolate-covered bacon retail from $2.49 to $2.99
“Our chocolate-dipped bacon products, including applewood-smoked and jalapeño bacon strips, have been wildly successful, and we’re confident that adding chocolate bacon truffles to the mix will be popular with customers, distributors and retailers,” says Genesee Candy Land Owner Lorri Alden. “We take great pride in our ability to supply these distinctive products, and bringing our bestsellers together as a unified brand continues our evolution as candy makers.”
Since 2015, Genesee Candy Land has been producing goods for wholesale and is the only food manufacturer in the United States to receive USDA certification to sell full slices of extra thick-cut applewood-smoked bacon enrobed in dark chocolate.
Genesee Candy Land also offers four types of jumbo decadent cookies, fudge bites and a line of chocolate novelties called “animal poo,” which includes Deer Droppings, Dino Dung, Elk Scat and more available online and in select convenience stores.