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Coconut Caramacs
Hawaiian Host, Honolulu, Hawaii
(888) 529-HOST (4678)

Coconut Caramacs are a tropical addition to the Hawaiian Host Caramacs family, which also includes Maui and Kona Caramacs. The newest Hawaiian Host creation features coconut, smooth homemade caramel and dry-roasted macadamia pieces, covered in signature creamy milk chocolate and topped with toasted coconut flakes.

 “The response to our new Coconut Caramacs during our preliminary taste tests was overwhelmingly positive, and we are thrilled to get the product into the hands of our coconut-loving customers,” says Rosalie Romo Char, director of marketing for Hawaiian Host Chocolates.

Also, earlier this year, packaging for the entire Caramacs line of products underwent a makeover to better reflect the radiant beauty of Hawaii and the true Aloha spirit that can be tasted in every box.

Ingredients: N/A

 S.R.P.: (5.3-oz. boxes)