It looks like you can finally have it all — chocolate, couture, and home decor.

The Seattle Chocolate Co., is debuting new pop-up shops featuring the stylish jcoco line. And the colorful brick and mortar store immerses guests in the company's flavorful and stylish jcoco line with an exclusive array of chocolate, fashionable gift items, accessories and home decor.

"Our jcoco pop-up shop is so much more than just another chocolate shop — and we designed it that way deliberately," says Jean Thompson, owner and CEO, Seattle Chocolate Co. "We wanted our guests to taste, touch, explore and fully engage with our brand and its vision, so we created a shop that offers a hands-on, treasure hunt-like experience for retail lovers and chocolate enthusiasts."

The shop will actually undergo three complete transformations during its seven-month run in The Bellevue Collection, in Bellevue, Wash. Through December 2015, each transformation will feature its own color palette, in-store offerings and special events.

The first of the trio will include their vanuatu coconut pecan bar-inspired set up. Outfitted in vibrant cyan blue with copper accents and natural woods, the shop will be sure to transport guests to the bar’s origins, the Vanuatu Islands.

Oversized bowls of cocoa nibs, whole pecans, and dried coconut will embody the bar’s ingredients as guests browse a selection of American couture chocolate and gift items.

Gifts will range from copper bangles that mimic the bar’s foil wrapping to turquoise flip flops and elegant table settings.

Pop-up purchases will also contribute to the brand’s “jcoco gives” program, providing a fresh serving of food to an American in need for every bar sold.

The shop will later “flip” to an energetic orange with a south-of-the-border feel inspired by their cayenne veracruz orange bar and a festive red in honor of jcoco's seasonal holiday bar. Each version of the shop will offer a tactile taste experience and, just like the first installment, carry a meticulously hand-selected offering of retail items inspired by each bar's point of origin and colorful packaging.

"This is not your ordinary chocolate shop," says Peter Stocker of MG2, the creative mind behind the design of the pop-up shop. “The jcoco pop-up was designed to make guests reimagine retail, to rethink the experience of shopping for chocolate and other gifts. This shop provides a continually rotating and immersive brand experience that engages senses on every level, in a way that is impossible to do online or even in a traditional brick and mortar space."

Additionally, the new retail location will regularly host Friday tasting events, which will introduce guests to unique beverage and food pairings for the jcoco bars, offer education on what to look for when selecting premium chocolate and provide festive and fun gifting inspiration.

jcoco by Seattle Chocolate Co. focuses on unique American couture chocolate balances style and stunning flavor combinations with a deep commitment to the community.