Booze Drops

Booze Drops
TG Innovations, Warminster, Pa.
(215) 292-5617

Available in a variety of flavors, Booze Drops are exactly what the name suggests — Hard Candy made especially for adults. The candy is made with real alcohol, and designed so that there’s alcohol in every lick — so you don’t have to wait  for the candy to melt in your mouth to get to the alcohol in the center.

They’re available in six flavors, including: Brandy Coffee, Rum, Absinthe, Tequila Lemon, Bourbon Whiskey, and Vodka Mint. Each piece features up to 3 percent of alcohol by volume.

Ingredients: (Rose Rum) Sugar, syrup, citric acid, natural dye, natural flavors, alcohol.

S.R.P.: (Individual box) $2.29 (6-pack of boxes) $11.99