Cynthia Lipka Bell Flavors and Fragrances the Society of Flavor Chemists

Cynthia Lipka, Bell Flavors & Fragrance’s senior flavorist, is the new president of the Society of Flavor Chemists.

Cynthia Lipka, Bell Flavors & Fragrance’s senior flavorist, has been appointed president of the Society of Flavor Chemists (SFC) for 2014-2015.

Lipka became a member of SFC in 2000. During her time she has served two years as treasurer and one year as vice-president.

As president, Lipka will lead the group and direct the initiatives for the year. In addition, she will select committee chairs for about 17 various committees, who serve alongside the president.

The SFC is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the advancement of flavor technology and related sciences by encouraging the exchange of ideas and personal contacts. It also sponsors and conducts meetings, lectures and symposia. Its membership includes about 350 certified and apprentice members.

Before serving on the SFC board, Lipka had 17 years of service with the Chemical Sources Association, which is a sister-organization to the SFC. Its goal is to provide aroma chemicals and raw materials, which are FEMA GRAS but not commercially available. Lipka served as Acquisition Committee Chairman for many years, and then became secretary. She also served as president twice as well as chairman of the board for this group. 

“Early in my career, I was exposed to volunteering and I have been active almost from day one,” says Lipka. “Being an integral part of an industry I love is the only way I know how to be.”

Prior to joining Bell Flavors and Fragrances in 2012, Lipka also worked at Synergy Flavors, Inc., Wrigley and The Hershey Co. Inc. She has 17 years experience as a certified flavorist.