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tna, a global packaging solutions specialist, is celebrating its 30th anniversary — traditionally known as the diamond anniversary — as literally as possible.

The company is launching a competition designed as a “thank you” to customers, suppliers and staff and will culminate at a gala “Cirque du tna” event at Pack Expo Chicago in October — where one selected entrant will win a diamond worth $5,000.

“In celebrating our diamond anniversary, we want to do something that is memorable, is durable and is open to as many people in the packaging sector as possible,” says Shayne De la Force, tna’s group marketing manager. “We think this competition reflects this sentiment, and we’re thrilled to be launching this exciting competition.”

The company hopes the contest will simulate the packaging industry in the months leading up to Pack Expo this year. The competition is now live with a number of creative monthly contests, quizzes and puzzles, all contributing points to an overall entrant’s score.

tna currently produces packaging solutions such as the tna robag 3 vertical form fill and seal (VFFS) bagger and the roflo VM distribution system.