Chocolate soufflé-flavored sweets might just be the next hot thing - at least that’s what one company is predicting. 

Bell Flavor & Fragrances has released the 2011 Top Ten Sweet Flavors list, which highlights flavors in the confectionery, bakery and dairy markets, according to a media release from Bell.

The list, which is headed by Chocolate soufflé, is a mix of comfort foods and gourmet flavors.Honey vanilla and red velvet were second and third respectively. 

They were followed by: caramel macchiato, yumberry, coconut crème, sweet potato, ginger peach, mint citrus and finally, French toast.

The list was complied using three different methods. Bells tracked samples over a period of 12 months, “trend scouted” flavors analyzed by their marketing and R&D department from four continents, and compiled a list of flavor trends from external resources and suppliers.

To go along with the sweet flavors list, Bell also announced the top ten fragrances of 2011, with jasmine sambac predicted as the hottest emerging note for 2011. 

The company also predicts that blood orange will be the number one beverage flavor, and black garlic will be the number one savory flavor.

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