Barry Callebaut closed its acquisition of 100% of Food Processing International, Inc. (FPI), after announcing the purchase in October 2007. The takeover includes FPI’s factory in Eddystone, Pa., which has the capacity of producing 25,000 metric tons of cocoa liquor annually. Barry Callebaut expects to increase the facility’s production capabilities to 50,000 metric tons within the next 2-3 years. The capacity expansion will include pressing, grinding and deodorizing equipment for cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cocoa liquor production.

Barry Callebaut said that it offers the most extensive range of origin chocolates with more than 40 different offerings. The company attributes its international connections to its ability to provide such a far-reaching portfolio. Origin chocolates, which are derived from beans harvested in one single country or area, feature distinctive tastes shaped by their habitat. Such chocolates feature fruity, herbal, spicy or floral notes, according to the company, which provides single-origin chocolates from 20 different countries. Origin chocolates continue to garner attention as consumers’ increased concerns over social and environmental issues demand products that satisfy the need to know where their food comes from.