To support women, Solidaridad has launched a new Women in Cocoa & Chocolate (WINCC) network.

It was launched during the third World Cocoa Conference in the Dominican Republic with the aim of connecting and engaging women throughout the cocoa and chocolate chain. Solidaridad hopes women can inspire each other and increase their sphere of influence to take the lead in changing the industry.

“Each woman should lift up another woman,” said Madame Toure-Litsé during the launch of the.

Top women leaders in panel discussion

The network was luanched during a panel discussion, which was moderated by food and chocolate journalist Simran Sethi, who led a lively discussion with three women in leadership positions:
Madame Toure-Litsé, director General of the Cocoa & Coffee Council of Côte d'Ivoire
Cathy Pieters, director Cocoa Life Program at Mondelez International
Maricel Presilla, award-winning chef, author and culinary historian.

Feedback during the discussion included reactions such as “more confidence, more recognition for contributions by women is still needed”, “if you invest in women empowerment you empower the whole family”, “women empowerment is now higher on the agenda, which is an achievement”.

Why a women’s network?

While women play a big role in the production of cocoa and the consumption of chocolate, they have little influence in the sector. And this new organization hopes to change that.

“We should stop only talking about women in the cocoa fields, and start talking about what we as women can do throughout the supply chain. Collectively we can encourage and empower women leadership,” says Beatrice Moulianitaki, initiator of WINCC and cocoa programme manager for Solidaridad says.

As for what’s next, women can connect, sign up for annual events and participate in professional working groups through a digital platform on LinkedIn, women can

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