New York-based Craig's Beds has unveiled The Summerfield Gummy Bear Bed, which was made on-location with 26,135 gummy bears.

The bed was designed to help launch the retailer's new bed in a box The Craig's Bed by Summerfield. And it’s also meant to bring attention to Alzheimer's Research at Mount Sinai Hospital's Center for Cognitive Health.

It’s currently on display at candy retailer IT'SUGAR in Manhattan

Craig Fruchtman, owner of Craig's Beds says that a bright mind is colorful and creative and his gummy bear reflects that. Scientifically speaking, Alzheimer's causes people's minds to dim and "lose color."

Craig hired the creator of the famous Alexander McQueen inspired gummy bear dress to help bring his gummy bear bed vision to life.

Hissa Igarashi, a stylist and editor-in-chief at the online fashion magazine, TWELV, says, "I put together a team who worked tirelessly for 4 weeks straight to complete the bed with a total of 26,135 gummy bears!" 

As a side note, the team couldn’t resist the sweet treat themselves. They ate an additional 500 gummy bears while working on the project.

"The idea started a few years back when I saw the Alexander McQueen gummy bear dress," said Craig. "I had already started thinking how interesting and fun a gummy bear mattress would be."

To make donations to Alzheimer's Research at Mount Sinai Hospital's Center for Cognitive Health use the #‎gummybearbed in the donation notes at on the hospital’s philanthropy page.

Summerfield Mattresses, Craig's Beds' private label mattress line, is made in the United States and was created specifically to accommodate the sleep needs of the dynamic lifestyles the city has to offer.