Tanis Confectionery is expanding its range of gums and jelly processing equipment with a new mogul starch line. 

The Netherlands-based company will launch its new T-Gel Moulding line at the Las Vegas PackExpo trade show in September. The line features a new approach to starch-based gums and jelly depositing, which will boost the line’s productivity and accuracy.

“Based on our expertise in gums and jelly production we have been developing ideas as to how a starch-based depositor should be designed overcoming some of the mechanical and contamination challenges of moguls in the market at present” says Leo Tanis, founder and ceo. “Line speed, dosing accuracy and line efficiency have always been at odds.”

The new T-Gel Moulding line represents an overhaul of the traditional mogul design, which continues Tanis Confectionery’s tradition of technical innovation. The manufacturer supplies processing lines for candymakers, with a portfolio that includes a broad range of equipment for gums and jellies, bars, chews, hard candies and other confections.

The new T-Gel Moulding line is an extension of existing T-Gel products.

“With this addition to our portfolio, Tanis Confectionery can now provide our customers with a turnkey solution for the whole gums and jelly production process: From raw materials to finished product,” says Tom Verburg, area sales manager.

To support the company’s extension into gums and jellies, Tanis Confectionery has also announced the establishment of Tanis Confectionery Australia (TCA).

Miles Balen, the newly-appointed managing director of TCA, will bring his expertise and experience in mogul pumps and other technologies to the company.

“The most important mission of TCA is to design and build pumps and related equipment for Tanis’s T-Gel Moulding line, but with its expertise and production facilities TCA is in a position to offer repairs and overhauls of pumps for all gum and jelly, hard candy and fondant moulding operations,” says Balen.

The Sydney-based branch will also help strengthen production and service capabilities.

“Pump technology is a critical part of gum and jelly moulding lines,” says Tanis. “Sydney, Australia, happened to be the place where we found the required expertise and experience to augment our production and service capabilities.”