ChocoX (pronounced “Choco Cross”), Bühler’s new modular moulding line, is now available commercially.

Following a plug-and-produce concept, ChocoX can be installed on site quickly, reducing installation time by up to 80 percent. In addition, ChocoX slashes the time for a line expansion by half.

Thanks to its modular approach, ChocoX’s line arrangement can be used like a toolbox. Each module is built on wheels. This allows for easy reconfiguration of the sequence and more product variety. It takes 30 to 120 minutes to arrange new processes, depending on the sequence changes. And line extensions are ready in half the time than other solutions. 

“We can now offer ChocoX commercially to our customers,” says Fritz Dorner, head of confectionery business unit. “They will not only be more agile in their production setup and their daily operation, but they can also take up consumer tastes much quicker than ever before while drastically increasing their efficiency.”

Bühler has included an efficient buffering system, offering a cost advantage. Moreover, the process keeps the important thermal consistency at an ideal level, including the transition to packaging. The smart buffering reacts to the packaging output, so the new ChocoX can keep running even during a stop in the packing process. The fully automatic mould handling system further increases the line’s efficiency.

Another highlight of ChocoX is its hygienic design. Moulding lines are prone to getting dirty quickly and often they are hard to access. With the new ChocoX, all modules work without chains. In addition to increased food safety, the chainless line design lowers the maintenance efforts. Cleaning time per module is only 30 minutes, also because there are no installations underneath the depositing sections. 

“Large doors offer free accessibility to all modules from the front and the back,” says Frank Huperz, head of technical operation.

The new ChocoX lets operators take out the depositor and demoulding internals, which are normally hard to reach. The demoulding section, for example, comes with an extendable quick-change system on wheels. In general, “depositing tool changes can be done while the modules are running empty – with the highest level of safety,” Huperz adds.

Finally, also the cooling coils offer easy access from both sides. The completely new cooling technology replaces the complicated, hard-to-clean, and voluminous Paternoster system.

Thanks to integrated control boxes that replace all central switch cabinets, the new ChocoX comes with a reduced footprint. Optimized shaking modules shorten the shaking time, and the decreased cooling volume adds to the line’s lower energy consumption.

Together with its customers, Bühler can set up the new ChocoX and launch its operation on site within one week. Thanks to standardized self-contained modules, assembling and removal of each module takes less than 30 minutes. Bühler has shortened the delivery time of standard modules.