Natra SA has established a new international chocolate subsidiary in an attempt to explore new markets and increase efficiency, the company says.

The new sales and distribution platform, Natra Chocolate International, is a complete subsidiary of Natra SA and will initially manage the markets in southern and central Europe, as well as some export countries.

“At a later stage, Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom, as well as other markets, will be added gradually,” says Ignacio López-Balcells, secretary of Natra’s board of directors.

The company hopes Natra Chocolate International also will boost efficiency for sales, logistics and distribution, marketing, and administrative management. The subsidiary is intended to simplify the sale and distribution processes of Natra in different countries.

“Up to now, all these activities were carried out by the different business units of the Group,” says López-Balcells.

Natra SA is a food company based in Spain that specializes in production and commercialization of cocoa derivatives and chocolate products.

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- M.K.