Bouchée Confections, maker of handcrafted chocolates and confections, has opened a new shop in Reno, Nevada. 

“We are focused on single-origin chocolates for their distinct flavor profiles and strive to pair them with the right flavors in order to bring out the best of all ingredients,” said Natalie Landsinger, head chef at Bouchée Confections. “We believe that each mouthful should be completely satisfying and perfect in its own right regardless of whether it is a plain bar, caramel, coated nut, bonbon, or praline. 'Bouchée' is French for 'mouthful,' and we strive to produce completely satisfying and tasty candies so that each mouthful is meaningful.”

Landsinger studied pastry and chocolate at Ecole Ferrandi in Paris, France, and then interned with Philippe Rigollot, Master Pâtissier of France, in Annecy. After spending several years working in pastry at luxury resorts, Landsinger worked for over two years with World Chocolate Master Oscar Ortega in Jackson, Wyoming to perfect her chocolatier skills. 

Landsinger makes all chocolates by hand and offers bonbons, bars, nuts, and caramels. Bouchée Confections crafts original bonbons with exotic flavors such as Cabernet Reduction, Cherry and Earl Grey, Chai Tea, Lavender, Wasabi, as well as more typical flavors such as Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

Customers can stop by Bouchée Confections to select and create their custom mix-and-match boxes or relax to enjoy a cup of espresso or hot chocolate along with their confections. 

Bouchée Confections ships throughout the United States and is perfect for personal or corporate gifts.