Ferrara Candy Co. has relaunched the SweeTARTS brand’s portfolio of Chewy products.

Now on store shelves nationwide, Chewy SweeTARTS are available in three multi-sensory, colorful varieties: 

  • SweeTARTS Mini Chewy: Tiny in size but big on taste, SweeTARTS Mini Chewy deliver the classic SweeTARTS flavor that’s now equal parts sweeter and tangier.
  • SweeTARTS Chewy Extreme Sours: SweeTARTS Chewy Sours turns up the tart with candies that are powerfully sour and finish with a touch of sweet, now with a bolder flavor.
  • SweeTARTS Giant Chewy: Giant Chewy SweeTARTS take the flavor of Original SweeTARTS to the next level with an improved chewy candy texture.

"At SweeTARTS, we love making candies that are as vibrant and bold as our consumers who enjoy eating them," said Ashley Incarnato, marketing director for the SweeTARTS brand at Ferrara. "Our chewy candies are fan-favorites, embracing the duality of our product that is both sweet and tart. When we saw an opportunity to bring an even bolder, fruitier candy to the market, we jumped at the chance to be classic and fresh with this Chewy SweeTARTS relaunch.”

With help from TikTok creator Flossybaby, SweetTARTS is calling on fans to create their own TikToks celebrating their love for the chewy SweeTARTS candies. Now through June 7, fans can enter for a chance to win a first look at a future Chewy SweeTARTS innovation, an honorary "CEO of Chewy SweeTARTS" title and a year's supply of the new and improved Chewy SweeTARTS candies.

Fans can use the hashtags #CEOofChewySweeTARTS and #Sweepstakes to demonstrate why they deserve to take the reins as the honorary CEO of Chewy SweeTARTS. Content will be selected at random, with favorite entries reposted to the SweeTARTS TikTok page. The winner will be announced in mid-June. For official sweepstakes rules, please visit: https://bit.ly/3bCIQUK.

Chewy SweeTARTS are available now at mass grocery, drug and convenience stores nationwide, as well as online through e-commerce partners.