In a Canadian study performed by researchers from Brock University and Carleton University, the average confection in stores did not reach consumers until four and a half months, an Edmonton Journal story indicated.  The study examined 3,206 candy products  from retail stores in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. Slightly more than 3% of candy products examined exceeded their yearlong shelf life while some stores had as high as an average as 6%. 

The study found that Wal-Mart and 7-Eleven displayed the freshest candy items, while Loblaw, Couche-Tard and Rexall had the oldest. In addition, Mars and Hershey branded products reached consumers faster than Nestlé and Cadbury confectionery products.

A Canadian expert on food safety commented that there should be better communication between manufacturers, retailers and the government along with increased traceability in order for the products to leave shelves before their expiration dates.