Belgian chocolate manufacturers Daskalides and Chocolaterie Smet have launched tooth friendly chocolate products made with Barry Callebaut chocolate. Chocolaterie Smet’sHopla hollow chocolate figurines and Daskalides’ milk chocolate bars with hazelnut filling each carry the “Happy Tooth” label from the non-profit organization Toothfriendly International, which is supported by dental associations worldwide.

“We only give the Happy Tooth seal of approval to products that are guaranteed safe for teeth,” says Dr. Albert Bär, director of Toothfriendly International. “All sweets that carry this logo have been scientifically tested by recognized and independent academic institutes for dental health. Their tests demonstrate that the product does not cause dental caries or tooth decay.”

To make Barry Callebaut’s chocolate tooth friendly, milk powder is replaced with milk proteins and sugar is replaced by isomaltulose -- a natural sugar found in honey and sugar cane. Isomaltulose, which consists of glucose and fructose, does not increase acidity in the mouth, which prevents tooth decay.