Lakrids by Bülow, a Danish confectionery chocolate and licorice brand with a focus to ensure a sustainable future, is continuously working on how it can optimize its processes and packing to become even more sustainable. 

Launched in 2007 on the small Danish island of Bornholm, Lakrids by Bülow is a Danish confectionery brand founded by Johan Bülow out of a desire to make the world fall in love with licorice. The company coats its licorice in chocolate, resulting in creative flavor combinations like passion fruit, salt and caramel, dark and sea salt, and coffee.

The company's newest collections include:

  • Easter Collection: This year’s ÆGG Collection includes two spring-inspired flavors, Crispy Caramel and Crunchy Toffee, packaged in jars made from 100% recycled plastic. The SRP is $23.00, and flavors include:
    • Crispy Caramel - Featuring a crispy speckled shell and smooth dulce chocolate, this is a Lakrids by Bülow classic, with a balance of sweet, silky, and salty. 
    • Crunchy Toffee - A creamy sensation with a combination of soft milk chocolate, French butter, and cream with bits of crunchy caramel. 
  • Slow Crafted Selection Box: The new Slow Crafted collection is based on the original recipe Johan Bülow cooked when Lakrids by Bülow was founded in Bornholm in 2007. Johan Bülow had spent a whole year in his mother's kitchen with a dream of re-inventing licorice by elevating it to a gourmet experience. The slow-crafted licorice is cooked in an open batch for four hours and handcrafted, creating a rich caramel-like texture of the licorice. Only using the organic ingredients, the Slow Crafted range captures the original taste of Lakrids by Bülow for a taste experience loved by true licorice connoisseurs. The Slow Crafted collection introduces three varieties of chocolate-covered licorice: Mango Vanilla, Caramel Date, and Dark Truffle. The Slow Crafted Selection box's Scandi modern design comes in a 100% recyclable box.