Harbor Sweets, a Salem, MA-based company now celebrating its 50th anniversary, is debuting its Easter collection plus a Lunar New Year treat.

The new products include:

Robert L. Strohecker Assorted Rabbit Collection
Replicas of the very first chocolate Easter bunny 
Available in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate | $19.75

Harbor Sweets’ founder Ben Strohecker’s grandfather (Robert L. Strohecker) is credited with being the “father of the Easter Bunny," when, in 1890, he kicked off the craze and began selling them in his drugstore in Reading, PA. The first chocolate bunny stood five feet tall in his store window—a photo of which has hung on the wall at Harbor Sweets for years. The Robert L. Strohecker Assorted Rabbit is modeled after his original giant rabbit.  Each five-ounce rabbit is made of two halves and filled with caramel and pecans, almond buttercrunch toffee, and whole toasted almonds with a layer of chocolate covering the inside treats.

Milk Chocolate Moon Bunnies
Perfect for the Year of the Rabbit
12 Pieces | $12.75

According to Asian lore, rabbits were thought to inhabit the Moon. Under commission by the famous Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem, MA, Harbor Sweets brings these 17th-century Netsuke reproductions down to earth as a solid milk chocolate treat that all ages will enjoy.  A portion of sales proceeds benefits the Museum.